Why More People Use for Sexting

Written On: October 11, 2016

Still sexting via text message? Well, it’s time to get with the times and download the Kik app. Whether you like to sext to pass the time or want to find new and interesting people to chat with, is definitely the place to go. More people are using Kik to chat with friends, and are now more than ever, using the app to meet like-minded people to talk dirty to. So why use

It’s Fast

Just head to and find someone you’re interested in chatting with. It’s that simple. The website provides you with each person’s Kik username, who they’re looking to chat with, what kind of chatting they want, and sometimes even a small profile picture.

It’s Easier

Typically, when sexting first became a thing you’d have to know someone well to get things going. There was time and effort put in on your part to get the relationship to that point. You might have even signed up for several online dating websites so you could get to know people well enough to obtain their phone numbers. Sexting on Kik doesn’t require a phone number, and there are hundreds of people online looking to chat with people just like you!

It’s Anonymous

Kik allows you to link your social media pages to your profile, but it certainly isn’t a requirement. It’s easy to stay anonymous or create a nickname so Kik users you’re chatting with won’t be able to identify you. This allows people to feel more free about what they say, and to ultimately be themselves. You no longer have to risk sending a flirty text to someone you’ll run into on occasion and suffer the embarrassment of being turned down.

Long-distance Flings

If you’ve always fantasized about hooking up with someone who had a British accent or someone from the country down under, is certainly a place to find your ideal mate. Users sometimes add the country they’re from, so instead of waiting until you can afford a Euro trip to check this off your bucket list, you can travel the world without leaving your bedroom.

Find Someone with Similar Fetishes

Everyone has their thing. Whether it is a foot fetish, BDSM, or public displays of affection, some fetishes make it difficult to find others to connect with. It seems the more unique your fetish is, the harder it is to find a companion who will not only accept this but will also participate. makes this much easier. You can simply search for and find those with similar interests, alleviating the painstaking frustration that comes with dating.

Let Them Come to You

At, you can make your own profile for free. If you’re not one to seek out someone to chat with, providing information about what you’re looking for will send users your way with practically no effort on your part. Before you know it, you’ll have a ton of new friends to chat with, sext, and even exchange nudes with. All without having to leave the comfort of your home.

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