Trading Kik Nudes Has Never Been Easier

Written On: October 11, 2016

Sending nudes via text seems old school these days since so many apps have come out that make sending so much easier. Kik is one of the apps that unlike many others, promotes the sharing of photos and does not police content. This allows users to share and explore as much adult content as they’d like, making trading nudes easier than ever.

No App Restrictions

Unlike Instagram and Snapchat, users looking to sext and swap nudes aren’t banned from the app. Instead, the app has an age suggestion of 17+, allowing those who download the program to understand that they will likely come across adult content. So you can send and receive whatever you’d like without risking suspension or removal of your Kik profile.

Share Your Username

By tweeting your Kik username or adding it to an Instagram photo, you'll likely be sent dozens of nudes in a matter of moments. People are dying to make this connection with others, and Kik makes it easy. Using hashtags like #kik and #kikme allow other Kik users to find you, and will invite others into an exchange of sexy messages or photos. Additionally, you can explore these hashtags yourself to find someone you’re interested in chatting with.

Find Sexy Users on allows you to search through profiles of Kik users looking for someone to chat, sext, or exchange nudes with. Simply use the page associated with those who would like to exchange photos, and you’ll be able to quickly find someone who strikes your fancy. There are keywords associated with each profile so you can see at a glance whether they’re interested in connecting with a man or woman, and if they’re into any fetishes. Their profile has photos that may or may not reveal the user’s face, but will give you a preview of what you can expect when chatting with them.

Create Your Own Profile

By creating your own profile on, people will come to you to chat. Free to use and sign up, creating a profile will require less work on your part when looking for someone to connect with. Share as little or as much information about yourself as you wish, to ensure your privacy and keep your profile anonymous. This option is often better than throwing your Kik username on a public forum such as Instagram or Twitter, since you’ll be able to prescreen people before providing them with your Kik. This prevents you from receiving any unwanted messages or photos.

Your Profile Is Anonymous

Kik allows users to create and delete as many usernames as you’d like. This allows you to have a separate username and profile for your friends to see that is different from the username you use to sext and send photos. Having separate usernames will ensure your anonymity. Even if you’re talking to strangers halfway across the world, talking to them through a profile linked to any of your personal information can be dangerous. Kik makes sure you have the option of keeping your personal life, well, personal.

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